Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hitting the baby bottle

…Remember Roseanne? HA means, remember her when she was really funny? She had a line yrs ago about her husband coming home after work and asking how the kids were. She drawled, “I figure it they are alive, I have done my job.”

…Well, danger lurks everywhere, as parents know. Newsweek (Nov 19, 2007) takes on the popular baby bottle.

…Seems that some of these—which are next to or IN the baby’s mouth, contain bisphenol A or BPA, which has been shown to cause a bunch of health problems.
Oh, the usual, behavioral problems, obesity, decreased fertility and cancer.

…Neato torpedo.

…If you bottle-feed, don’t heat the bottles with liquid in them or put warm liquid in. Huh? What’s the kid supposed to drink, a Manhattan?

…Get rid of scratched or cloudy bottles.

…Buy bottles made of glass or polypropylene or polyethylene.

…Or look for the label: BPA-free. This applies to sippy cups, too!

…Check out www.buybuybaby.com. For more info, go to www.ewg.org.

…For Pete’s sake, kids are sucking on these things. Could they at least be crud-free?


Amy Derby said...

Ha. You're funny!

So true, though. Part of my writing/blogging work involves researching the ways the FDA takes a coffee break while children suck lead paint. Hadn't heard about the bottle dangers, but somehow I'm no longer surprised by much.

Did you hear about the Aqua Dots toys that contain a date rape drug?

Makes me happy to be childless.

Star Lawrence said...

My kid is 25--believe me keeping these rugrats alive is an accomplishment. Yes, heard about the rohypnol thing. Charming. Those dots were little--get swallowed instantly. Children have small systems--a little crap goes a long way. The FDA, Consumer Prod Safety place, etc., should be taking extra care--but, hey, kids don't vote or write their Congress person. Too bad, kid, suck on it.