Friday, November 02, 2007

Is dating dead?

…HA’s kid, now 25, says she has never been on a date. Yet, she has friends hanging out all the time.

…Emphasis on hanging out.

…Duddy, old-fashioned dad Jeffrey Zaslow, who HA suspects is not alone, was writing in the WSJ Nov 1, 2007, about how a boy asked his 16-year-old daughter to the Homecoming Dance. She bought a dress and the fixings, then learned the boys weren’t even taking their dates to the dance but instead were going to dress up, go to dinner and go to a friend’s to “hang.”

…The girls—and Dad—were not amused.

…The parents took pix of the couples, but it wasn’t the same.

…This was suburban Detroit—it does not seem to be much different in Phoenix.

…What about courting? The biggest issue here seems to be will Dad be around when the baby is born.

…According to Zaslow—school dances are falling out of favor. HA’s kid never went to one—HA always did, although sometimes (pathetic alert!) as president of the debate club, she was checking coats to pay for debate club outings.

…According to a study at Mich State, 60% of students studied have had a “friends with benefits” relationship. By benefits, they don’t mean candlelit dins.

…Girls regret this more than boys (duh, we are the mooshy ones).

…Remember The Rules? Boys had to call by Wed to even get a date by Sat. Now—these boys text a girl at 3 am: R U BUSY?

…In her incredibly obtuse way, HA told her daughter early on, when her kid was pre-teen, not to “waste her feminine essence.” Once given or tossed away, this sense of mystery or control is gone for good.

…The other day, her daughter said, “You were kind of right on that essence thing.”

…And these boys aren’t helping ditching the dances. Come on, parents of boys, can you talk to the lads?

…After all, they did ask the girls to the dance. At least keep your word! That’s a character issue. As in: Will Dad hang around after the baby is born.

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