Thursday, November 08, 2007

Late fees on your dog?

…Everyone knows that the outside of a dog is good for the inside of a person.

…But not everyone can have a full-time dog because of travel or lifestyle.

….So how about a rental?

…Behavioral therapist Marlena Cervantes has started a pet rental service called FlexPetz.

…Business is great in San Diego and San Francisco.

…These dogs, which are cute as the dickens, are kinda spendy—There is a signup fee of $299.90 ($99 of which will be charged again the next year). You also pay $49.95 a month and $25.95 per 24-hour visit ($39.95 on weekends).

…By the way, please don’t do that .95 crap when you have a lot of fees! It isn’t really woofing anyone. Ooo, it isn't really a hundred bucks...

…Almost half the clients are empty-nesters.

…And maybe people a little loose in the attachment department, although still animal lovers?

…Cervantes seems like a kind soul—she is so worried about the pets of those caught in the wildfires she started Operation Stopgap.

…Her members are taking pets who can’t move in with people’s relatives or stay in motels—no charge to the pet owner. Wonder if they head out on the job.

…Want a dog who works part-time, go to

…HA hopes these pooches don’t get snooty and demand overtime.

…She also wonders if they love it or get confused.

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