Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lateness. Ack!

…Jared Sandberg writes about punctuality in the WSJ, Nov 13, 2007.

…Some people are always late, some aren’t. The latter would be the ones waiting and slowly declining into a gibbering mass of protoplasm.

…HA gibbers. She hates waiting.

…She has tried every zen-like philosophy, she tries to be in the moment, to intensify her observations, to talk with others (OK, last resort), and still…the jaw begins to tighten, then grind, the breath becomes more shallow, the mind darts ahead to what must be done, the toe taps…

…Sandberg calls late people dawdlers, diddlers and piddlers, thus demonstrating that he stands on the ultimately sensible side that HA has staked out.

…One venture capitalist does not want to do business with late people…his desire “goes down” he says.

…Arrogance! snaps a professor who does not love waiting for students to appear.

…In a recent poll cited by Sandberg, 54% of those questioned said other people’s poor time management “drove them nuts.” Even late people can’t stand other late people!

…Late people engage in magical thinking, one expert said. Maybe 10 yrs ago, they made it to work in seven minutes, so seven minutes is now their standard.

…It’s not just anxiety—they are late to fun events, too.

…A huge problem is that late people tend to make other people become late people, not the other way around.

...HA was in one doc's office that had s ign that said, "If you are more than 15 minutes late, you may be charged for your visit." That was pretty funny, since this doctor was never on time.

…One woman said being late gave her a rush—everyone had to wait for her, making her more important.

…Now, what is the doctors’ excuse? Pretty much the same, HA thinks.

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