Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let's not give the gift of death this Christmas

…Deadly toys. With everything cool being manufactured in foreign lands
these days (cough, China, cough), parents have to be careful.

…Can we depend on the govt to police this? Apparently not, with little toy dots turning into date rape drugs when mixed with toddler saliva. And toy trains coated with lead paint.

…According to the Wall Street Journal (Nov. 26, 2007), Toys R Us now requires suppliers to identify the name of the factory in China and to certify items have been tested. What real good does either do? HA heas read that suppliers are told not to use dangerous materials, but do anyway to save money.

…J C Penney is retesting toys itself—going back 2 yrs.

…Wal-Mart has been sending 200 toys a day to labs for testing.

…Still last week alone, 19 toys examined by an environmental group came up with lead levels.

…Bills are in state legislatures to increase fines and apply stricter testing.

…Everyone seems to think the Consumer Product Safety Commission needs beefing up.

…Toy comnpanies fear lost sales. Insurance companies fear lawsuits. (Yet companies are also buying recall insurance, so is this a new market?)

…Here’s an idea. Let’s reopen toy factories in the US, with strict standards and nearby inspections and scrutiny.

…Maybe instead of a Rust Belt, we could have a Fun Belt.

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