Friday, November 30, 2007

You might not be a hothead

…Do you think 98.6 Fahrenheit is a normal temperature?

…Silly puppy.

…In 1851, Carl Rienhold August Wunderlich started using a thermometer in his office.

...Earlier, two French doctors had stuck a needle into a guy’s muscle to show that when he sawed wood, his muscle was hotter than the rest of him. Those same French guys said normal body temp (they figured) was 98.5.

…Wunderlich got curious and took 25,000 people’s temperatures with a foot-long thermometer (under their arms, in case your mind was wandering over there).

…That was 10,000 days of temp taking. This was one curious guy.

…Then he averaged them (no computer) and got 98.6. See!? Not .5, but .6! Take that, French guys!

…Now, some observant docs have noticed that temperature varies throughout the day.

…Someone in Baltimore took the temps of 148 men and women over 3 days (slackers!) and it came to an average of 98.2.

…Still, they added that women were hotter than men (98.4 to 98.1) and blacks were hotter than whites (98.2 to 98.1).

…Children are warmer than adults. Seniors are cool (heh)—97.8 on average just before bed, at night, the hottest time in the old human body.

…Finally someone dug out Wunderlich’s thermometer. Wouldn’t ya know—too high.

…HA has known for years that her normal is lower than 98.6. How about you?

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