Friday, November 09, 2007

Your knees will love these shoes

…The American College of Rheumatology met this week—arthritis docs—and one subject was footwear.

…Grinding or sore knees caused by osteoarthritis means a breakdown of cartilage in the knee. Being overweight, old, injured or stressing the joint can make it worse.

…Researchers studied the effects of various types of footwear on 13 women and 3 men with OA.

…The four types of shoe were: clog, a stability shoe (limiting foot movement), flat flexible shoe (lots of foot movement) and flip-flops.

…First, subjects walked barefoot and researchers calculated the load on the knee.

…Clogs and stability shoes were associated with higher loading (stress) on the knee. Flat flexible shoes and flip-flops resulted in lower knee loads.

…This should be considered in designing shoes, one doctor said.

….Apparently shoes are designed more with foot comfort in mind than knee comfort.

…Flat, flexible shoes help knees.

…Barefoot walking provides the least stress.

…HA also read a study the other day that said inserts in shoes did not do much for back trouble.

…Also, flip-flops hurt the toesies sometimes. Pain is pain.

…Conventional wisdom—always there for the refuting. Thank goodness. Or HA would be out of a job.

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