Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Desk reference for pets

…Aw, don’t get ‘em in a bunch—HA knows the difference between people and animals.

…Or at least she has heard there is one.

…But if your pets are members of your “primary social group,” you may want to buy the new Merck manual…Merck/Merial Manual for Pet Health: Home Edition.

…Writing in the NYT (Dec 18, 2007), Erica Goode says the new tome will do for our animal buds what the revered Merck health bible has done for people.

…And that would be provide useful information, as well as endless light reading for hypochondriacs.

…This thing is almost 1,400 pages long.

…In it you will learn about weird diseases that affect baby birds, what to do if your pet is shot with an arrow (uh-uh, don’t yank it out), causes of liver injuries in horses, and other arcana, in addition to tips for selecting a pet and providing a good home. (Sugar gliders chirp all night, so they might not be for you.)

…Let’s face it. We love our animals in this country. Almost 70 million households have at least one pet.

…This thing started out being for vets and it is written by vets. But it is for regular people—giving them much fodder for concern when fretting over their own health gets old.

…And you know that fretting. It’s bad for ya.

…Incidentally, although HA has a dog and three cats of the fur inclination, she recently hooked up with a two-dimensional dog, a purebred Clipart called Scribbles. Check this out: and

…If Scribbles gets a paper cut, HA will whip out her Merck.

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