Monday, December 24, 2007

Eat like a peasant

…HA once went on a press trip to Majorca and looked out on the satiny, grayish Mediterranean. The conference was on the benefits of olive oil—and for years, HA noshed on EVOO as much as possible, then sort of got away from it.

…She may return. Writing on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in the Jan-Feb AARP Mag, Melissa Gotthardt cites a new NIH/AARP study that shows that sticking with Greek and Southern Italian eating patterns cuts the risk of death from all causes by 20%.

…You don’t have to die!

…Quite a recommendation.

…First, you have to eat plenty of fruits and veggies (is there an echo in here—that is what everyone says). Included in this are beans, peas, and other legumes. Do you think legume is a funny word—HA does.

…Nuts—chow down on nuts (remember, though—they are caloric.)

…Healthy fats (where olive oil comes in) is good.

…Red wine—you can drink it.

…Whole grains…bread, pasta, rice.

…HA remembers the speakers at her meeting saying meat and fish should be the side dish.

…Look for green stuff. It contains nutrients, such as B vitamins and folate, that cut cancer risk, according to reputable studies.

…Learn to like fish or eat more of it. This is good for your heart and may prevent Alz.

…Lay off excess salt and spice things more. Sage, organo…you won’t even miss the white stuff.

…Tomato sauce is also good…Try a little Italian, some fish, a nut or two…

…By little Italian, HA does not mean a cute Italian guy. But that is an idea, too, and gives new meaning to the term Mediterranean Diet.

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