Thursday, December 20, 2007

Eye yes or no

…Look good, feel good. That’s criminally sappy, but true.

…Especially now, with one eye gone dark (more or less) from a detached retina, HA is eye-conscious and at the same time, cannot lard on the goop.

…As we race around to parties (or YOU do), Real Simple magazine has some tips for dropping the eye luggage and looking rested.

…Those crow’s feet are caused by collagen under the skin decreasing with age and not fluffing up the wrinkles. Use an eye cream in the morning or at night. Use one that mentions collagen, not just an eye moisturizer. Be sure it contains a sun screen if you use concealer in the morning.

…If you do have lines and wrinkles, don’t use concealer—it can make the wrinkles stand out.

…For puffiness, watch the salty foods and apply a cold compress to your eyes for 10 minutes before going out in the evening. Put some teaspoons in the fridge and lay them over your eyes. Cold wet teabags can also be soothing, though they irritate some people.

…HA also gets a little camomile ointment stick from a cheap beauty catalog that comes every so often. It works.

…If you are older, forget the metallic or shimmery eye shadow.

…If you are prone to dark circles under your eyes, plump the area away from the veins that are showing with an eye cream. If you use a concealer there, be careful. Find one with a yellow undertone to cancel out the purplish dark areas.

…You can make the whole area look better with mascara—and it can even substitute for garish eye shadows.

…HA doesn’t like the hairy lengthening kind with little fibers in it—do you?

…Better yet—and more economical—smile a lot and back away slowly from the glitter.

...By the way, don't automatically head to the dept store for this stuff. HA's ex- used to work on a cosmetic assembly line in NJ and said they made the same stuff for the big names as the drugstore brands. It just depended on which label they were using that day.

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