Thursday, December 13, 2007

Food and clothing now an item?

…Leaving aside the edible panties, have we had a lot of clothing with food value?

…Now, a company called Tehama has clothes to “make you feel as good as you look.” They are selling shirts enriched with Vitamin C—that supposedly “infuse” the vitamin into the wearer’s skin.

…These duds are also UPF 30.

…I asked the rep how this would work. But got no answer.

…HA has heard varying reports on whether Vitamin C can be absorbed through the skin in makeup form. Some say no.

…Tehama is a fancy golf club in Carmel, CA. They have a high-end line of casual clothes.

…I know being on the golf course in the sun will cause your body to make Vitamin D,
but Vitamin C from your golf shirt?

…What do you think? What about washing the clothes? Does it cut the nutritional value?

…HA does see potential for clothes that provide energy and jammies that put you to sleep.

…Can you think of other adaptations?

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