Friday, December 28, 2007

Frozen Shoulder--brrr

…For some reason, ever since HA read about Frozen Shoulder in a story by Lauran Neergaard of the AP, she has been encountering people talking about their bum shoulders. HA’s mother also was warned at one point that she might have it.

…What is Frozen Shoulder?

…Neergaard calls it the Curse of Middle-Aged Women (like we don’t have enough of those).

…FS happens when the shoulder’s smooth lining becomes so inflamed it “resembles cherry Jell-O,” as Neergard puts it.


…It’s really called adhesive capsulitis in doc-speak. Sooner or later (bet on later), 2-3% of the population will get it, the majority women. Diabetics are at 20% more risk, and underactive thyroid can also be a risk factor, as can a trauma.

…FS is not a rotator cuff injury—and the cure for that can make FS worse. Charming.

…Oine doctor says if sufferers come early enough (qithin 2-3 mos after it starts), she can inject some cortisone, give the shoulder a nice twist and if it lifts up over shoulder height, not only did they have FS, but it is now cured!

…And if it doesn’t lift up? HA shudders.

…If you wait too long, it can linger on for years. The early cortisone, apparently, prevents collagen buildup.

…Too aggressive physical therapy can also make it worse. PT is what HA’s Mom got for the rotator cuff. But she also got the cortisone shots.

…Go know.

…The bottomline, though, seems to be if you wake up and can’t lift your arm and it doesn’t ease out, consider the doctor for that nice twist.

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