Friday, December 07, 2007

How to stick with the fitness thang

…This time of year, HA is wading through tons of stories on how to fill up on veggies before a party, only drink wine spritzers, etc.

…Every olive adds a pound or something. That can’t be right, but something like that. Certainly, a cup of eggnog will send you to the truck scales on the interstate.

…So this entry is not about that stuff—it’s about how to make yourself stay on your plan after the holidays—something to look forward to, you know.

…Rovenia M Brock, PhD, aka Dr Ro, has some ideas.

…First, buy cool gear. Look good, babies! The shoes, the outfit, ahhh.

…Make exercise a family activity—after dinner, on weekends.

…Start small. Ten minutes a day at first. If you get off the treadmill at the hols, start small again.

…Don’t wait for that first heart attack. Beat the rush.

…Notice small improvements and don’t peck away at them. Every pound is hard-won.

…Do it for three weeks. It takes three weeks to start a habit.

…If you slack, don’t beat yourself up. Just start again.

…For more rah-rah, go to

…Seriously, next year? HA is definitely standing up. Let’s see how that goes.

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