Thursday, December 27, 2007

Welcome to Ramen World

…For the sake of argument, let’s say you don’t want to eat Kraft Dinner at every meal (80 cents for four servings). Even HA tires of the Orange Stuff.

…That means meat, cheese, fruit and veggies.

….Writing in the NYT, Tara Parker-Pope says some Univ of Washington researchers checked out 370 foods in local supermarkets. (J of Am Dietetic Assn.)

…Higher calorie, energy-dense foods are a better bargain for the cash strapped. These foods cost $1.76 per 1000 cals. Low cal but nutritious foods, on the other and, cost $18.16 per 1000 calories.

…Tara isn’t having any of it, though. She points out that a pound of lentils costs about 60 cents and you can get 10-15 meals from it.

…Yeah--10 to 15 meals of LENTILS! Aren’t we more spoiled than that?

…And bulk foods like that require COOKING. Cooking requires culinary skill. (HA concedes some of you may possess that.)

…So then you are back to looking at the $10 packs of chicken breasts to liven things up.

…Remember when these were around $4.50? HA is geezin.’

…Eggs went from 89 cents to $1.35 in the last year. Gas prices to tote this stuff around aren’t helping. Bread is up 16%. Coffee—up 10%.

…Still an omelet is a pretty tasty bargain—coming in around HA’s standard of $2 or less per serving.

…Wonder if our lovable politicians ever have to contend with this—or if someone else steps up and pays the bill for the corndog they pretend to eat at the photo op.

…HA knows many dietitians will start sputtering and say it’s better to eat simple, nonprocessed foods.

…But those are the ones zipping up the price scale.

…Mac with no cheese, anyone? Hold the lettuce, which has to be shipped with high cost gas and picked by a dwindling force of cheap labor.

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