Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Well, there's fun and then there's fun

…John Morley, MD, is a prof at St Louis Univ and author The Science of Staying Young.

…HA wonders if you have to actually BE young to work at being young this much.

…Aw, kidding.

…He says feeling young does not have to be a chore. You can eat dark chocolate and drink wine and maybe do other things.

…OK, HA is listening.

…Things like fidget in your office chair. Oh.

…Work in your garden (sorry, HA’s is a desert death pie).

…Go dancing. HA prefers the Tucker Carlson approach—chair dancing.

…Take the stairs….

…Oh, these park far from the store and take the stairs deals have been around, what else..?

…Eat a nutritious, balanced diet. What else?

…Do Sudoku. HA does not know what that is and probably won’t be finding out.

…Screen for cancer…OK, not as much fun as promised…

…Stay on your feet. Probably good advice—HA is turning into the Tin Woman.

…Schedule a checkup.

…With a doctor? HA avoids that and anyway, they found out too many people are glowing in the dark from CT scans.

…OK, a mammogram. Weirdly, HA’s health plan gave a $15 Target gift certificate to any member who got her mammogram. She likes this new bribery angle. Health plans should do more of it.

…But let’s get back to the chocolate part.

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