Friday, January 18, 2008

Be true

…Uh-oh, honesty in candy. The famous NECCO candy hearts, which HA has learned are called Sweethearts Conversation Hearts, are going all Dr Phil this year.

…Some new phrases: “In a Fog,” “Chill Out,” and “Get My Drift.”

…No “WhatEV”? Come on, that was a gimme.


…Or “URLove”

…Or “LOL.”

…Some marketing woman blatted on about how the weather—the weather,what about love?—is unpredictable. HA should add here that you can eat sayings such as “Sun Shine” this year, too.

…We eat a lot of sunshine here in AZ.

…Also new: “Wild Life,” “Nature Lover,” and “Do Good.”

…NECCO has been at this since 1966. The company was sold at the end of last year.

…So next year can we can expect: “Leveraged Buyout,” “Damn IPO” and “RIFF”?

…Oh, NECCO, don’t change. How can we have Valentine’s without you? Get the drift?

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