Thursday, January 24, 2008

The big chilly

…Living in Phoenix, we rarely get more than cold toes from sitting too long. Of course, you can go into the mountains and die if you’re not careful, so here are some tips for everyone.

…The American Red Cross says sleet and high winds can attack the most innocent road trip or you can get cut off by a blizzard.

…They recommend putting together a kit for your car: battery-powered NOAA radio with extra batteries, blankets or sleeping bags, first aid kit, flashlight with batteries, fire extinguisher, jumper cables, flares, tire repair kit, compass, roadmap, knife, sand or cat litter, windshield scraper.

…Winterize your car before setting out. Have a mechanic check tire treads and fluids.

…Keep the gas tank near full (OK, silly with these prices, but that is what they said.)

…Dress everyone in layers.

…Check the weather before leaving. Amazingly, people don’t.

…If you do get stalled, stay in your car. Do not try to walk out.

…Tie a brightly colored scarf to your antenna.

…Run the engine and heater 10 mins an hour—make sure the exhaust pipe is not packed with snow. When the car is running, turn on the overhead light for those 10 mins.

…After the snow stops, raise the hood to signal distress.

…Cellphones may not work—don’t depend on them.

…HA adds: Bring packaged crackers and water. The warm fireplace complete with cocoa (where HA is) will not be available to ya.

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