Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chocolate may not be good for bones

…In a study done in Australia, older women who ate chocolate every day had thinner, weaker bones than their peers.

…Wait, you are probably thinking, if they sit around popping bon-bons, no wonder their bones are weak. But the researchers allowed for other dietary habits.

…Chocolate is rich in flavinoids, which are good for bones, but also contains oxalate which blocks absorption of calcium and sugar, which can cause the body to excrete calcium.

…They checked out 1,001 women from 70 to 85 who were participating in a study on calcium supplements and the risk of fracture.

…The chocolate eaters had 3.1% lower bone density, as well as weaker bones in the heel and shin bone.

…Both groups ate the same amount of fruits and veggies., but the chocolate eaters ate less protein, starch, fiber and potassium.

…The chocolate eaters also weigh less on average and had a lower BMI.

…So what does it mean?

…All together now…More study necessary. We are not going down without a fight on this one.

…Of course, if we fight, it may break our glass-like bones.

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