Thursday, January 10, 2008

Does feeling good make you exercise?

…Sure, exercise may make you feel good—endorphins, you know. But is this feeling strong enough to provide motivation?

…We all know runners that crave that feeling and are obsessed with the “high.”

…Researchers at Bowling Green State in Ohio studied the connection between mood and motivation.

…Morning mood, they found, was associated with an increased likelihood of exercising.

…They also found that mood ratings were higher when exercise was more intense and longer in duration.

…Would it make you exercise—the prospect of that “whoa, I did it” feeling? Apparently, getting to the gym in the morning would enhance the likelihood.

…Morning exercise also ramps up your calorie burning, so you burn more all day.

…In another study, researchers found that people who never eat fast food are better weight loss maintainers.

…One for The Big Book of Duh?

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