Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The face cream paradox

…Writing in the NYT on Dec 14, 2007 (that dumb OLD year), Robert Calpin talks about a study that shows that women interested in stopping aging tend to be more loyal to products that don’t work than those that do.


…Researchers from the Univ of Bath in England and Qatar Univ studied women who had used various beauty products in the past year. The majority has used anti-aging skin care and moisturizers was well as vitamins. Half had used salon treatments and about a third had used special diets. Only 3% had Botox or peels.

…Of those who felt the treatments were not working, only 27% stopped using the products.

…But of those who thought the products were working, 55% stopped them!

…The researchers theorized that fear is a more powerful motivator than success. If they were fixated on stopping aging, they were likely to pursue even products that don’t work. They don’t give up.

…Once they see a positive difference, this theory goes, women stop obsessing and may stop using or paying for the product.

…Hmmmm. Bad news for effective products.

…By the way, would someone please write in and tell HA which ones those are.


staceygriff said...

I use to be one of those women that was faithful to big named products that promised all kinds of amazing anti-aging things. I am proud to say I have ventured out though and now use an anti-aging product line by azure cosmeceuticals. I love it. I love their Hydropeptide face corrective cream and their Hydropeptide growth serum. Their whole line is fantastic actually. I am completely satisfied with the results and I'm so glad I was brave enough to try something different instead of waiting around for results that never came. I noticed soon after using Hydropeptide face cream that my skin started feeling smoother and glowing. The lines around my mouth are looking smoother. I also use their eye cream and it's helped with the puffiness and color under my eyes. It's a great line.

Star Lawrence said...

Thanks--let me check it out. (I assume this isn't spam.)

staceygriff said...

No this is not spam, it's a legit company and legit website.