Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy, happy

…According to the Economist, the World Database of Happiness is in Rotterdam. Don’t they do a lot of dope there? Just asking.

…They track what makes people happy and why.

…Married, extroverted optimists are happier than single, introverted pessimists, they say.

…How about single, extroverted pessimists? HA asks (darkly).

…Nurses enjoy life more than bankers, they assert.

…It helps to be religious, sexually active, and a college grad with a short commute.

…Psychologists, apparently (and who asked), ask why people aren’t happier given their access to freedom, opportunities and riches.

…Are they talking about me or anyone I know? Riches?

…Happiness is now considered more of an entitlement than a pursuit, they opine. Well, that would lead into the idea that if you aren’t euphoric all the time, you are doing something wrong.

…Eric Weiner wrote The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places on Earth.

…He checked out the world and asked people in the happiest places why they are happy. One guy in Switzerland cited their clean public toilets.

…In Qatar, happiness is seen as God’s will—and in response to Eric, they advised him to become a Muslim.

…In Thailand, people were too happy to answer.

…Those happy places—Switzerland, Iceland? High suicide rates.

…One guy in England said, “We don’t do happiness.” (He blamed the notion on America, now we’re tagged with THAT.)

…Another guy wrote a book on melancholia and said that it was being annihilated—along with it creativity, genius, and intellectual brilliance.

…HA could not have said it better.

…Smile now!

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