Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Losing "your own voice"

…Those wacky politicians are going silent. Sort of.

…Writing in the WSJ (Jan 25, 2008), Joann S. Lublin talks about the toll all that blabbering can have on the human vocal cords.

…Bill Clinton always sounds scratchy, doesn’t he? Supposedly, he sleeps on a wedge pillow and drinks 1.5 gallons of water a day. You notice (we all have) that he is not doomed to silence.

…Right now, in this compressed schedule, candidates are speaking 30 times a day.

…Romney flew in a dry plane and then went in a cold hangar at 3:30 am and rallied the troops with shouted encouragement. Then he went to a breakfast, and when he left, he was hoarse. Sometimes, Romney’s aides leave him alone to not talk.

…A few days later, Obama was so croaky they called a doctor. The doctor prescribed rest, but this didn’t happen, of course. It was 48 hours until New Hampshire.

…In South Carolina, McCain (already a murmurer) was a rasp. He agreed to drink a tablespoon of olive oil before one of those debates. He also has cut back on the java. He used to drink a pot at a sitting.

…Obama prefers hot water, lemon, honey, and ginger.

…Neither is great, say the docs.

…Another doc blames weird trail food—and suggests antacids to prevent acid reflux, which can irritate vocal cords.

…Doctors tell them not to whisper—the worst—because it stretches the vocal cords.

…Humming is helpful, though. President Clinton does it. His favorite is “Amazing Grace.”

…Doctors have also told these chatterboxes to wear scarves around their necks indoors and not to jut their heads forward, as Hillary often does.

…HA is prone to losing her voice—but has not in ages, come to think of it. Pays to type a lot, she guesses.

…And not run for office.

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