Monday, January 07, 2008

Oh, neat, rickets are back

…Lauran Neergaard, AP, wrote a story recently that appeared in the LA times on
Nov 26, 2007.

…Remember those little bow legs kids had from not enough calcium? Well, they are getting them again.

…Little kids and teens must be building bone—bone that will last them the rest of their lives.

…If they don’t, they can get funky legs and wrists, then later in life, may get osteoporosis in greater numbers than their grandparents (they think, not yet proved).

…A researcher at Cincinnati Children’s Hosp gave bone scans to 1,500 healthy children from 6 to 17. Then her team created a bone-growth guide—similar to those height and weight charts.

…They plan to follow the kids for 7 years. Would a kid laying down insufficient bone now catch up? If not, do they get more fractures?

…Bone needs to be laid down early—as one reaches their 30s, bone tends to break down faster than it is created.

…Kids are already break more bones than 40 years ago—56% more girls break their arms now and 32% of boys.

…The kids who break things tend to have lower bone density.

…You get where this is going. What is the solution?

…Kids need more milk and cheese, sunlight to build Vitamin D, and exercise! Exercise builds bone. Tennis players have more bone in their racket arm than the other arm.

…Inner city docs, esp, are seeing rickets again. Caught early it can be treated, but slight cases may not be caught and it throws everything off for life.

…Milk instead of soda, people! Recess. Playing outdoors in the sun. Kid stuff!


Angela WD said...

I've also learned that kids who have a wheat/gluten intolerance (the most severe form of this is celiac sprue disease) also develop rickets. They may be eating right, but because of the sensitivity to gluten, their digestive systems do not pick up nutrients properly.

I've also learned that gluten sensitivity is a widespread problem that's just now being studied more thoroughly.

Star Lawrence said...

Good pt--thanks for contributing. Yes, this gluten thing is getting a lot of buzz...I have a post on it if you search (top) on gluten.