Thursday, January 31, 2008

Should you put your child on a "diet"?

…HA was always on diets as a child. She went through the whole dexadrine thing as a teen.

…One diet her mother suggested was three cups of cottage cheese a day. Amazingly, she still stomachs the stuff.

…With all the sturm und drang about childhood obesity, should you put your kid on some diet?

…For one thing, no self-respecting kid is going to each some weird stuff like all-bacon all the time or odd little frozen morsels.

…They may munch a carrot stick, though, or eat a veggie burrito with salsa.

…Jean Antonello, RN, BSN, author of Naturally Thin Kids: How to Protect Your Kids from Obesity and Eating Disorders for Life, says kids are more predisposed than adults to gain weight. They have less stored fuel, so are more likely to sock it away as fat.

…Offer kids high quality food at set times—not on demand, she recommends.

…If a toddler doesn’t like a new food, wait and try again. Don’t just offer sweet or fatty food instead. A tablespoon of food per year of age is plenty for a meal.

…Offer fresh foods, nuts, meats, fruits, veggies, grains.

…Some borderline foods are OK once in a while—these being ice-cream, French fries, cookies, and dessert-like cereals.

…Offer three healthy meals, with a healthy snack in between. Forget the kids’ menu, those hotdogs and mac ‘n’ cheese are not great. Give them some of what you are having.

…Sure, kids like juice. But they will also drink milk or water.

…And get them moving!How about Dance, Dance Revolution instead of a stationary video game using only the thumbs?

…How about camping, family bike riding, walking the dog, washing the car, playing catch?

…Dieting causes obesity, Antonello says.

…Put that on a t-shirt!


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