Monday, January 21, 2008

Skepticism from the world of travel

…First, HA saw a story by Daniel Yee of the AP saying that Delta Air Lines is creating some videos to tell people how to act on a plane.

…Planeguage—they call it. Is that “Plain-gwidge”? On, never mind. Even fancy Gwidge won’t help this.

…What are we, 5?

…There is already a cable series called Airline or something in which we see how not to behave—on both the part of the staff and the passenger.

…In these videos, these “humorous” videos show—according to the airline—“Hey, you don’t want to be that guy.”

…How about “You don’t want to be the dense airline employee who keeps saying, ‘Ma’am, ma’am’…?”

…This is supposed to help you be a good travel companion, which we can hope means not to grumble and stare at your large seatmate, bring on a screeching toddler, or drink too much—or any of many other things people do.

…This may seem a tad patronizing, but they seem to think people are not properly educated about how to act. HA guesses this is like Travel Charm School. Good luck with that.

…In our second story, Travelodge Hotels in the UK offer recordings to help you sleep.

…These “Nodcasts” are not soothing ocean sounds and jungle birds, but deal with lack of confidence and assertiveness.

…They apparently learned that Brits, anyway, tend to lose sleep over a difficult boss or missed deadline, so invite them to doze off hearing messages like, “Remember a time when you were calm and relaxed…”

…Nothing like a little self-analysis to put you right out. Nothing to worry about there.

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