Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tatts for tots

…Do so-called child safety things creep you out, like they do HA? Fingerprinting, etc.—don’t you get the impression this is for after something bad has happened.

…But what if you take your kid to the State Fair—and he zips off someplace. Kids are faster than geckos on a back fence.

…So how about a tottoo? That’s a tattoo for tots, get it?

…This is FDA-approved ink, if that reassures you.

…They last 12 hours or even a couple of days if applied properly to clean, dry skin.

…They cost about $15 for 15 decals and can be purchased in bulk for school field trips and the like.

…You could also order these to show medical information, such as allergies, or use them yourself if you are out in remote areas hiking or swimming.

…Check it out at www.tottoos.org. (Couldn’t you do this with a marker? I know—HA is no fun!)

….At very least, you can freak out Grandma! My baby! A tattoo! Oh, no! I knew I should never have let your Dad hitchhike in high school! That’s where it all went wrong! My stars!

…By the way, if you are wearing one yourself saying you are allergic to bees or something, stay out of biker bars. So easy to be misunderstood, you know.

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