Friday, January 25, 2008

Those expensive implants need tending

…Natasha Singer, writing in the NYT on Jan 17, 2008, describes a model rhapsodizing about her breast implants. “You know that feeling when they are the perfect size?” she purrs.

…Well, enjoy them—because they change.

…Breast implantation is not necessarily one-time surgery.

…A third of patients need another operation in 3-5 years.

…Doctors call this annuity medicine—it keeps on giving. To them.

…Insurance companies, Singer points out, are not likely to spring for MRIs and follow-on surgeries, should something go wrong.

…Some of the manufacturers offer warranties—but read the fine print.

…One doctor likens implant maintenance to having your nails done.

…These things, saline or silicone, do rupture sometimes or ripple or migrate. Think 10 years, the experts say.

…Some surgeries involve, as one doctor said, “removing all that goo.”

…When a doctor says “goo,” this can be a warning flag.

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