Monday, February 25, 2008

Cats appear better at saving your life

…A study at the Univ of Minnesota, conducted by executive director of the Minnesota Stroke Initiative, Adnan Quereshi, MD, suggests owning at least one cat could cut your risk of a heart attack by one-third.

…Wait a hot second! Is this one of those weird-ass studies? You decide. They studied nearly 4,500 Americans over 10 years. Definitely, they found pet ownership cut stress (except, HA adds, for cleaning up their occasional vomitfests and other alimentary delights, the pets', not the scientists').

…This is based on stress being bad for your cardio system…which is pretty well established, in HA’s opinion.

….The paper was presented at the American Stroke Assn’s conference, providing a lot of legitimacy.

…The team analyzed data on 4,435 Americans, 30-75, who took a federal govt National Health and Nutrition Examination. Of this number, 2,435 owned a cat or had owned one in the past.

…Then the team tracked deaths from all causes, including heart disease and stroke. After 10 years of followup of the cat owners and feline-free types, a 30% reduction in stroke risk was perceived.

…The scientists admit that dogs might have the same effect. Dog owners weren’t scanned this time. A 2005 study has showed that a 12-minute visit with a dog could improve heart and lung function in people with heart failure (UCLA).

…This is purely anecdotal, no tables or charts, but HA has a feline secretary. She actually creates more stress by lying atop everything HA is trying to read, blocking the air holes on HA’s monitor, and knocking the pencil out of HA’s hand during important telephone interviews.

….Then, the fuzzy white dog slides in there and relieves the stress the cat caused. Then he sees an air molecule and barks hysterically and the cat has to soothe HA. Maybe everyone should have both to be on the safe side.

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