Friday, February 29, 2008

Competitive training

…Writing in the NYT (Feb 7, 2008), Abby Ellin talks about people who get “personal training” in groups. Isn’t that called a class?

…This is a trend now at health clubs, according to Ellin. Almost 2/3 of personal training sessions include more than one client.

…Groups can be friends or people the trainer brings together. The average number is six.

…This can bring the price down to $20 a session.

…Sometimes, though, people can get overly competitive. Boys can array against girls.

…One guy said when he sees a woman who is better than he is, especially, he steps it up.

…Two other women, friends, got competitive and one stomped off one evening without getting a ride with her bud.

…The research shows people will put “being the best” above “doing it correctly.”

…Sometimes, the group dynamic can result in helpfulness. But, HA gathers, not always.

…Trainers may try to group people of like ability, but people often want to be with people they know—and everyone may have different abilities (and issues).

…The only thing HA did in groups as an adult was yoga. Eyes closed. That was better on so many levels.


Onehealthpro said...

Personal training in groups sounds like the name a Madison Avenue advertising agency gave to exercise classes to dress them up a bit.

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