Friday, February 15, 2008

Dance dance reduce

…Does the active video game Dance Dance Revolution sound faintly Japanese to you? It does to HA.

…Anyhow, according to the American Council on Fitness (, you can get meaningful exercise capering around on the pad and following the dancing lights.

…Sure beats the energy expenditure of moving your thumbs, anyhow.

…Actually DDR is Japanese. It is now sort of a cult, according to an article by Mark Anders in the Dept/Oct 2007 issue of the ACE’s magazine.

…The state of West Virginia has bought this game for the classroom (765 schools).

…Kids have forgotten how to play, said one expert.

…But is this real exercise? They did a study of 24 volunteers at the Univ of Wisconsin LaCrosse. These were kids under 18 and university students. The kids practiced a 4-song sequence for up to six hours at a time.

…Six hours? US hours? Earth hours?

…Their fitness in terms of oxygen consumptiion and heart rate was measured before, during and after.

…Results? DDR was comparable to many other forms of aerobic exercise and could result in significant weight loss if used consistently.

…HA thinks the 6-hour practice session would do it!

…But--she is grateful because she can now type the words: Do try this at home.

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