Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Heart month

…Freedom News Service had a column the other day about a low-grade protest against Valentine's Day…you know, rumblings.

…Why do women hate V-day, according to FNS? Men get the idea that the only day they have to be romantic is the day Motel 6 is having a special.

…The poems on the cards never say, “I will love you as long as you empty the dishwasher.” They say, “I will love you forever” and stuff. Conditions, people. Put conditions!

…Bad strolling minstrels in restaurants.

…Husbands never know your corrrect lingerie size (and never will, HA adds).

…Prison halfway houses start looking good as a place to get dates.

…And some women don’t look good in red.

…As for why men hate it, some got bruised at Vicky’s Secret over the last Angel bra last year.

…Should Mom get a card? This produces anxiety.

…Men are expected to watch Moonstruck.

…Some women say not to get them anything—this is a trap.

…All they get is a card.

…The strolling minstrels. (Those guys better unionize.)

…And the wife digs out last year’s pink shirt and asked, “How come you never wear this?”

…Solutions: Wear black on Thursday. And if you just broke up (this is the one day a year most breakups happen), listen to sappy songs on your iPod and get over it.


Onehealthpro said...

If Valentine's Day is the day most breakups occur, sounds like it would be wise to avoid your love interest on Valentine's Day.

Star Lawrence said...

Good point. My love interest at the moment is my dog Jim. He would get lonely... Haven't you heard that about V-Day...there are books about it...

Star Lawrence said...

This morning a radio show offered a free divorce as a V-Day special. And you people think I am cynical!