Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How about a dish of well-being, with a side of...

…Writing in the LA Times (Feb 17, 2008), Jennifer Steinhauer says those trendy LA beaneries are now emphasizing immunity-enhancing foods. They call these functional foods.

…To HA, foods serve the great function--when you are hungry, eat them and you are not hungry.

..Seriously, HA has made a career out of the phrases: “Nothing too pretentious” and “Everything to excess”—but functional food restaurants?

…There is a little Visa-like sticker to put in the window if you serve immunity foods.

…Apparently, these joints are frequented by cancer patients, so must claim some validity, HA admits.

…First there was Jamba Juice, Steinhauer says. Then that Airborne stuff. Spave coffee is loaded with supplements. Green Giant has Immunity Boost (worked on that name), which are packets of veggies. We have all seen those Active yogurts—HA thought all yogurt had cultures—surprise!

…On the menu of one restaurant, a little picture of an herb is next to the “good” stuff.

…At another place you can get a goji berry martini (now you’re talkin’)!

…You have to eat all your life…so what’s the harm?

...These places do require a walletectomy, however.

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