Monday, February 18, 2008

Is your pet a behemoth?

…HA has a 26-lb cat. She got him from the pound. Per instructions, she put him on a “diet.” But first, since cat foods don’t list carbs and she was told to limit carbs, she had to go through P’mart, add up the percentages of other ingredients and what was left was carbs. Most dry foods are around 32%--she will save you some time..

…She served him the agreed-upon amounts. There are other cats in the house, though, and he quite ably sidled over to their bowls when they left.

…At the next vet visit, he had gained eight pounds.

…He is fast, though—HA’s daughter describes his gait as being like a bowling ball speeding down the alley.

…Apparently, the national nannies are now worried about our chubby pets (that’s his name, by the way, Chubby Butters---he’s a yellow flamepoint Siamese).

…More than a third of adult cats and dogs are obese. Make that half of those more than seven years old.

…Of course, with most dogs, table food is the culprit. Feeding a 20-lb dog a 1-oz piece of cheese is like the average woman eating 2.5 hamburgers.

…(Mmmm…HA wishes she had one of those now.)

….Dogs spend 70% of their time lying down. Well, this is common knowledge. Except of course, for border collies and Jack Russells.

…70% of owners use treats as a sign of affection. Well, duh.

…Your dog, one expert says, should have a well proportioned waist.


…HA has owned two dogs and neither was a big eater of dog food (those “brown balls”), which they considered a last resort. But they sure love a nosh or two from each meal the humans were having.

…At least, Chubby sticks with the cat food. Boy, howdy, does he.

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