Friday, February 08, 2008

Kissably whatever

…HA is getting pretty free with the lip moisturizers, rubbing them on her crows feet and so on. OK, she gets bored and stuff happens.

…However, dermatologists actually worry about people’s lips and how to keep them soft and not all flaky and cracked. Especially in winter.

…At the recent meeting of the American Academy of Dermies, Margaret E Parsons, MD, discussed the subject.

…When she sees dry lips, she tries to see what the person is doing or not doing. Some lipsticks are irritating. Even anti-aging products can be bad for lips.

…Indoor heat lowers humidity, then outside cold further irritates this tissue.

…Wear a lip balm sith Sun Protection Factor of 15 or more, she advises. Men often don’t and have more lip skin cancer.

…That stuff to plump up lips can really irritate (in fact, that is how it works—irritates until blood rushes there and plumps up the lips).

…Forget phenol on the lips. Think mentholatum, etc.

…Spicy foods, peppers, citrus peels—ouch.

…Oral acne meds containing isotretinoin, in particular—can irritate lips without even being applied to them. Vitamin E, aloe vera—these also can be culprits.

…Smacking your lips when nervous or when a little irritation has started, can make it worse fast.

…Use vaseline on your lips at night.

…Maybe HA better get rid of the weird lip balms. Why did they call it lip “ivo” at one time—does anyone know?

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Anonymous said...

Check "Lip Ivo" in Google. The product claims to have begun in 1903 from a Colorado company.