Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Laugh a day keeps docs at bay

…A reader received this advice from Gold’s Gym. The info is from Mayo.

…Laughter stimulates your organs, bringing in more exygen and increasing those yummy feel-good endorphins.

…Hard laughter reduces stress responses.

…Laughing helps digestion (unless you laugh ‘til you puke, as the saying goes).

…Laughing also improves your immune system.

…It relieves pain, producing a natural pain killer. (Try that after abdominal surgery, but yes, overall, this is true.)

…Do you feel like everyone has a sense of humor but you? Maybe yours is just warped. Maybe you have a sense of the absurd instead. Put up cartoons that make you smile.

…This list says think positively—we all know HA is not a fan. If you expect the worst, at least you will be correct! If something good happens, you will be pleasantly surprised.

…Rent some funny movies. This is so subjective. HA sat through THE JERK five times. She even paid and went back in on the same day. THE BIG LEBOWSKI is her favorite movie of all time. But don’t go by this—most people don’t “get” HA.

…Develop your own way to get some free laughter. Hey, it’s the political season—you're off to a good start.

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