Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New status symbol--food

…Have you seen those prices lately? Ten bucks for chicken! Four bucks for milk!

…Eeek, HA truly is living on KD—Kraft Dinner, the writer’s soul food—not just joking about it.

…Writing for the Associated Press, J.M. Hirsch has some hints for staying alive in today’s economy.

…Track your food expenses…Even if you buy skanky old gas station coffee, it’s a buck a day. Bring from home.

…Make a weekly meal plan. Cook ahead on Sunday. HA would do this if she could cook.

…Go to those bakery thrift stores. When you see bread on sale, get two—freeze one. Day Old bread makes great French toast.

…Shop alone. Hirsch says children send the bill into the stratosphere. Kids? How about husbands—HA remembers how some of THOSE rascals like the best cheeses and wines.

…Don’t shop hungry. Twenty-buck difference in the tab—guaranteed.

…Check out those unit prices. Do your dishes really need to have a distinctive smell like lemon when they come out of the dishwasher? Think first.

…Store brands can be good. The best spaghetti sauce ever is a canned Kroger thing for $1.

…Try to shop just once a week.

…Stretch foods with rice, beans and potatoes.

…Wrap leftovers in single portions—perfect for lunch the next day.

…HA thinks $1-$2 a portion.

…Any other tips to share, readers? Somehow our economy got ruined—we are in this together now.


Yojeved Golani said...

Stone soup! You know the old legend of a hungry pauper who convinces his equally hungry neighbor to drop a magical stone into a boiling pot of water? They gather near the garbage can, pick out tossed carrot heads, celery roots, potato peels, stray peas, a bit of salt, a chunk of garlic etc. and VOILA! aromatic stone soup, nourishing and affordable for all.

Yojeved Golani

Star Lawrence said...

Good one. Our church also used to sell a soup mix with beans that even I could not screw up--have seen similar packs in the store.

Anonymous said...

It's not food, but you can save at the supermarket by buying refill material at the dollar store. Last time I bought laundry soap at the supermarket it was 6.99! I wished I was paying a dollar instead.

The dollar store has plastic bags, spray cleaners, detergents, light bulbs and many more things you can save on. Maybe go there first and then to the market.

While they do have food at the dollar store, I wouldn't recommend it. It's usually old.