Thursday, February 07, 2008

P B and woo-hoo!.

…J.M. Hirsch of the AP is all about the peanut butter. Remember when the choice was smooth or chunky? It’s so much more now.

…Crunchy can be light or dark roasted. Smooth can be mixed with chocolate, cinnamon, raisins, and molasses, even coffee.

…How about hickory-smoked PB? Or PB with hot peppers or sun dried tomatoes.?

…Ninety percent of homes have at least one jar.

…You can put the chocolate varieties into brownies or cakes.

…Fruit seems to be a weak combo…Just put on banana slices or dump in some raisins.

…If you want honey, don’t buy a spread, just put on honey.

...Peanut butter has non-cholesteroly fat and protein.

…HA is a famously bad cook, but she mixes olive oil, Chinese vinegar, something from the spice aisle called Chinese Five Spices, and a few wads of PB in a pan with a little water, heats to melt the PB, and pours it over spaghetti. Can’t even be called cooking and it’s great cold, too!

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