Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Please don't go to sleep forever

…Susan Brink, writing in the LA Times (Feb 4, 2008), says Heath Ledger’s tragic death has brought up the subject of keeping sleeping pills too handy.

…Just because you see drugs on TV, doesn’t mean they are safe, according to one spokesperson.

…Unintentional poisonings—pharmaceuticals, over the counters, herbals, and alcohol all combining--can put you out! Any single one may seem OK—but you can’t “layer.”

…”There is no absolutely safe medicine!” one authority said.

…It’s easy to make mistakes at night when you are half asleep. Did you take one or not?

…Never, ever take a prescription sleep aid and then later, an over-the-counter one. This is especially dangerous.

…Everything you take can boost the effects of everything else. Sleeping pills, antidepressants, and alcohol all depress the central nervous system—do that enough and you stop breathing. Game over.

…Or if you are on an antihistamine and drink a glass of wine, and you may not be fit to drive.

…Use the same pharmacy for everything, the experts urge. If you are concerned about various substances playing with each other, go to www.pharmacist.com and search on interaction.

…Believe HA now—the FDA is not keeping everything safe for you. Often there is no
”cushion” or margin of error with drugs.

…HA values her readers and wants to keep all of you.

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