Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Skinny brain?

…The latest buzz among the Hollywood crowd is a diet book called Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Bernouin.

…Acording to Julie Klausner (Salon.com), this is a vegan tract disguised in an appeal to insecure women.

…Predictably, a new volume is due—Skinny Bastard. For men.

…Veganism shuns not only meat and other animal products, but also leather and fur.

…The authors, former models of some sort, call soda “liquid Satan.” (HA kinda likes that one.)

…One author got a “holistic” degree in alternative nutrition (from an unaccredited institution) and the other is described as a know-it-all. Not to knock know-it-alls, but still…

…Apparently some of these self-obsessed skinnies are shocked to find gross pictures of skinned cows in the book.

…”Don’t be a fat pig anymore” is an example of the book’s “humorous” headlines.

…Why do people take this, much less pay for it? “When people go on a diet the first 10 lbs they lose is brain,” Klausner quips.

…The gist of the advice? Eat 1000 cals a day and say over and over: “Every day in every way my ass is getting smaller.”

…Oh, and meat and eggs are ewww-gross.

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