Thursday, February 28, 2008

That's hot

…Aleta Watson, writing in the San Jose Mercury News, extols the delights of hot cereal. HA recently bought some of that candy-like sweetened oatmeal—not bad, maybe a little blah.

…But you know how much the nannies want us to eat whole grains. This could be a way. All you need is spices, fruit, nuts, raisin—and voila, super porridge!

…Blueberries, mangoes, pistachios—marscapone instead of milk. Go er, nuts. HA likes a dab of butter instead of milk. The kind that really IS butter—your belief system has nothing to do with it.

…Oatmeal was the first grain allowed to claim health benefits—that was 1997. It may cut cholesterol. Now nutritionists flip over every whole grain—amaranth, quinoa (today described as a super food in something HA read).

…Over 400 breakfast cereals with whole grains have been introduced lately (Whole Grains Council).

…You can cook steel-cut, nutty-tasting oatmeal in your crock pot overnight, according to Watson.

…Or get packaged polenta and doll it up with marscapone cheese and fruit.

…HA worries about some “health” cereal and in the safe confines of her family, calls some of it silage—something you would find a feedbag hung under an animal’s mouth.

…But hey, marscapone cheese…That big-headed Italian woman on the Food Channel seems to love that stuff.

…”More, please, sir.” That little dickens—he was a health nut!

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