Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ultra-great medical care--for the rich only?

UltraCare Urgent Care opened in HA's town—the ritzy part, Scottsdale. Or, as some most unkindly refer to it--Snotsdale.

…This urgent care center, it says, set out to “pamper” patients. HA supports urgent care as less horrible for patients than the ER. (Anyone can go to this place, hint, hint.)

…When you come in, according to an account by Edward Gately in the Easy Valley Tribune, you are greeted by courteous staff.

…Imagine that!

…There are leather chairs (illustration isn't actual waiting room). Flat screen TVs. And get this—bottled water.

…”This is a retirement community,” the director said, “and this community has higher expectations for their physical care. There are a lot of upscale retirees who are here to enjoy their time, enjoy golfing, and they are used to a certain level of treatment. We feel like everyone who is waiting is entitled to be waiting in a calming, soothing environment.”

…Yes, buddy! Everyone! Not just well off retirees, who (did you think of it?) may be sick and not able to make a tee time anyway.

…Bottled water? Pish-tosh. HA has been in “downscale” waiting rooms where the waits were so long, the staff passed out crackers to the patients with diabetes.

…How about good service for every patient? Have these doctors ever thought of how crummy it is to sit up someplace when you are sick? Or get in a car and go someplace when you are about to vomit any second or lose bowel control?

…If HA were to be truly bitchy about it, she would observe that retirees may have more time to wait than younger people who have to take time off from work (since most offices close for 1.5 to 2 hours during lunch hour, when many patients could come without losing money or getting in trouble at work).

…I am sure the Richies will come to this joint to be fawned over, while the rest of us try to corral our cranky, feverish children; fill out repetitive clipboards; and beg for mercy as the hours tick by.

…Recently, HA was told by a doctor’s office to come pick up a referral. No, they couldn’t mail it or fax it to the other physician. Mail it? Why didn’t HA just beg for water or something?

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Anonymous said...

Great idea. Except they are not honest about what insurance they do and do not take and their fees are outrageous. Way above resonable and custumary. They charge me $220 for an ear infection visit for my daughter. The urgent care I usually go to charges (after network negotiated fee) $97. I'm sorry I every went to this place and will never go again!