Monday, February 11, 2008

What's new in jumping around

…The American Council on Fitness ( has come out with their 2008 Trends report.

…First, we will be doing more offbeat workouts, like ballroom dancing and line dancing. Well, maybe YOU will.

…Equipment-free workouts will be big. This pits your muscle groups against each other, with your weight as the resistance.

…You will go on more charity walks and run in more marathons.

…Boomers will be getting up off it.

…You will be looking for short, focused workouts, 20 mins or less. Some gyms will allow you to attend two in a row (pardon HA, but then isn’t it long?).

…You will be combining workouts and meditation . Spin-Yoga, Pilates Fusion.

…You will probably hire a trainer. This is one of the fastest-growing professions.

…You will be exercising to your iPod or PDA. Watching streaming video. And recording your pulse rate.

…You will craft your workout to your sport. Certain exercises before skiing or running.

…Or you could walk it off.

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