Thursday, February 14, 2008

When it comes to genetic testing, think

…Ever avoid asking the question if you don’t want to hear the answer? That adage sort of applies to genetic testing as it advances in the health care realm.

…Very few genes are definitively linked to a given disease or condition and even if present, may only increase chances—they usually are not a guarantee you are getting the problem.

…Genes are being used to craft certain drugs to the individual’s system—this is likely to be a more prevalent use of testing as time goes on.

…Commercial companies, such as,, and charge a thousand bucks or more to check da code.

…They say they tell only you and not your insurance company. But you could be hating life if they tip your company off to your 50% increased chance of stroke or whatever.

…Another problem is needless anxiety. Will people really change their lifestyles? Is a change in lifestyle even that sure a guarantee of a change in “fate”?

…Before you check your supposed destiny, think. What will you really get out of it and what is the downside?

…Sometimes, HA thinks, we know too much--too much conflicting and ambiguous stuff-- for our own good.

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