Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Be careful what you beg for

…What is up with seeing some drug on TV and deciding you want to take it? This is your one and only body---if something goes wrong, you can’t jump out and get another one.

…The FDA requires the makers to list all those side effects for a reason. You know, the sudden loss of vision, boner lasting more than four hours, dizziness, incontinence, even lymphoma and other cancers. Then they check the ad to see if the most common side effects are listed

…This is the cure—not what is being “cured.”

…Yes, for some diseases and disorders, drugs are lifesavers. But these ads are on TV to sell more drugs—and a recent study showed they work. A third of Americans have “asked their doctor,” as instructed. Of those, 82% got a prescription for the requested drug or another.

…Do people follow up—find out that the little inhaler that looks so cute actually has resulted in deaths. That kind of thing?

…What about everyone on a statin—more and more questions are being raised. But when people see a doctor (not even a cardiologist, and a guy who never practiced medicine or had a DEA number or prescribed meds) whose name is on an artificial heart and says he TAKES a drug, they think, “Wow, this stuff must be safe and terrific.”

…He didn’t row the shell (which takes a lot of specialized skill), so maybe someone took the pill for him, too. Who knows?

…The point is, he is not you. And what he says is not necessarily good for you, either. Be smart.

…This went over into a rant. Oh, so what—it’s HA’s birthday. She likes rants.


Anonymous said...

Happy late birthday Star! Your blog is the best fun out there for health reading I know. So be proud, be high wide and handsome, be sure to keep writing. Your admirer in Germany,

Star Lawrence said...

Why, thanks, freund...

You made my day!