Tuesday, March 04, 2008


…Sarah Kershaw, writing in the NYT (Mar 2, 2008), says another eating disorder has popped up—drunkorexia, substituting alcohol calories for food calories and basically starving.

…The drinking can be accompanied by either bingeing or starving.

…Typically, sufferers are college kids, who don’t eat all day so they can “afford” the calories to drink at night.

…Some women are afraid to put a grape in their mouths, but will drink a beer—according to one source.

…This requires a facility that specializes in both substance abuse and eating disorders. These centers are growing in number.

…Both behaviors are rooted in emotional pain (though HA has heard there may be genetic susceptibility).

…Many bulimics use the alcohol to vomit. (As many people know, that can work.)
About a third of bulemics have drug issues.

…So how to get free? This can be a problem because you need to stop drinking, but you can’t stop eating.

…Often expensive treatment is needed—and even then, the urge to binge, substitute half a dozen drinks, or cut eating begins to tickle the brain.

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