Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jelly, jelly

…Charles Perry, writing in the LA Times on March 19, 2008, brings the 411 on jellybeans.

…These little Easter guys come in more than 50 flavors now, including margarita, Perry says. Even garlic, for the truly obsessed (or should that be troubled?).

…The jelly is Turkish delight (turkey beans probably didn’t make it as a name). This is chewy and cornstarch-thickened and was created by some guy in Istanbul in 1777.

…Some American, in the 1800s, coated the delight with a hard shell so you could put it in your pocket.

…You can’t make them at home. You need to moisten the beany centers and then tumble them in a dryer-like thing that beats the outer delight part into a shell. This doohicky is called a “pan,” if you care, after dragee pan (dragee are sugar-coated nuts).

…To get the bean part, you punch bean-shaped holes in cornstarch and throw in the Turkish delight and dry it for a few days. Then into the “pan” that looks like a cement mixer not a pan.

…The outside coating is made up of several layers. Sometimes the taste is only in the last layer.

…Kids like jellybeans. Even one president did. Are you proud of HA for not mentioning which one?

…People like the colors as much as the taste. Make that, tastes plural!

…For HA’s money, licorice and lemon are the best. Which ones do you like—and don’t say garlic. She couldn’t take it.


Anonymous said...

You can have all my licorice jelly beans, HA. I prefer the buttered popcorn, watermelon, grape and chocolate beans.

Even worse than garlic are Bertie Bott's beans of disgust, a novelty made for Harry Potter fans. They come in such flavors as, dirt, grass, pepper, earwax, sardine, spaghetti dinner and vomit (post spaghetti dinner).

BTW, I am not kidding.

Star Lawrence said...

I know you're not. Great comment. I once wrote an article on candy--and one aspect of this was the yucky ones. I forgot! Also--sour as the new sweet. Thanks!