Monday, March 31, 2008

Scalp showing?

…Personally, HA has kind of a yen for balding guys. That guy from “Transporter”
and “Bank Job”—Jason Statham--pretty tasty! Jeremy Piven, Stanley Tucci are also cuties. Elliot Spitzer..OK, one too many and comb-overs don’t count anyway.

…Men like to fret over going bald, and HA supposes she would too, although she has plenty of other imperfections to obsess over and it would he hard to choose.

…Anyhow, if you are among the shedding worried, HairDX makes a DNA test that searches for the genetic variant that 95% of all bald men share.

…Jason Millman wrote about this in USA Today.

…Men who test positive for this variant have a 60% chance of going bald before
age 40

…You can also see if you have another variant that means an 85% chance of not going bald by that age.

…For $149, you swab the inside of your cheek and send it off. You can get it off the website. Some docs also have it

…Naturally, some profs have weighed in saying this might be sketchy since many of the genes involved have not been identified.

…The makers claim it helps to know…But if the “cures” are scammy, what is a guy to do?

…Probably best to take some advanced driving lessons and break into the movies.


Anonymous said...

Men: Who needs a cure?

Ever since Michael Jordan made bald cool, all you have to do is shave the sides and you'll look "clean and mean".

Anonymous said...

White walls...Maine haircut...also pretty macho.

Anonymous said...

I meant Marine--not Maine.

Anonymous said...

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