Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring, and thoughts turn to veggie growing

…Have you seen those food prices lately? Sure, you have—in this blog!

…And how about those e. coli scares involving bagged veggies?

…Writing in the Arizona Republic (Mar 8, 2008), Karen Fernau says many Americans have decided to be the source of their own organic produce.

…Seeds catalogs are flying into mailboxes and gardening classes are booked solid. Nurseries are slammed.

….Gardening is also good exercise. Fitness the Dynamic Gardening Way by Jeff Restuccio was featured in a story HA wrote for WebMD. He recommends concentrating on deep breathing and increasing your range of motion by exaggerating each movement while digging or raking (hoping the neighbors are not watching).

…Change it up—rake right-handed, then left-handed.

….Double dig, meaning dig down a foot, then bring the soil below to the top. This burns calories, my babies!

…Bring the kids into the garden. Install a chinning bar.

…Be sure to lift heavy bags carefully—with your knees, as they say. If you have allergies, take a pill.

…Don’t throw poison all over the place. This is supposedly to be healthy.

…Let’s face it, a dollar pack of seeds may seem like a cost-effective way to get lettuce, but by the time you add gloves, tools, fertilizer (go easy on it), books, magazines, and all the rest of the gear, you are probably not saving money.

…Just sanity. And maybe your life because you are not gobbling germs acquired in the field and by dragging those nice green leaves in and out of boxes, trains, trucks, counters and bins from one end of the country to the other.

…Even growing herbs is a relatively cheap recession nicety. If there can be such a thing.

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