Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Watch those baby knees on the course

…In a paper presented at the latest meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, some docs from the Scripps Clinic in LaJolla said, in essence, if you get a knee replacement, don’t make golf your first sport afterward.

…The researchers implanted sensors in four patients after arthroplasty. Force on the knees was measured for jogging, tennis, golf swings, treadmill walking, and biking.

…Jogging, tennis and golf generated the highest forces on the knee. Biking was lowest. The docs said they were surprised golf put such force on the forward knee.

…Almost half a million people get new knees each year in the US. A study HA saw this morning said women were less likely to be offered a knee (just incidentally). Check out:

…The advice? Think about that knee in selecting physical activity. If you jog, do it on the treadmill, not pavement.

…Recovery can be long and painful from these. Don’t do anything to undo it.

…There is that commonsense thing again.

...It's everywhere.

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