Friday, April 11, 2008

Airport Rx

…Roger Yu, USA Today, writes about an interesting new lashup—pharmacies and even clinics at airports.

…Why not? Pick pills you forgot to pack—and make that waiting a two-fer.

…One guy said, “Good idea, people travel sick all the time.”

…HA doesn’t know what to make of that comment. Probably: ICK!

…Apparently foreign airports have health amenities more than we do here.

…You can find walk-in clinics are JFK and Hartsfield Jackson-Atlanta. Orlando is coming.

…This comes at a good time for airports, too—they are looking for non-aviation revenue.

…1.2 billion people wander through airports each year—that is a customer base for almost everything.

…Walk-in clinics take insurance and Medicare but also offer an a la carte menu—see a nurse practitioner and get a prescription for $59. Strep test or EKG? $109. Stitches or x-rays, $169.

…Airsickness medicine? But of course.

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